Steinlia is the project platform of Matthew Dylan Anderson. We work with the production, research, and communication of architecture and art.

Architecture and art mediate between us and the environment. Looking to this relation (architecture, art, environment) we aim to find, discuss, and make rich places for identification in temporal and physical context - places that are open for subjective, immediate, and sensuous experience.

Matthew is based in Oslo, Norway, and practices internationally. He is a member of the National Association of Norwegian Architects, and lecturer at The Oslo School of Architecture and Design. He holds a master's degree in architecture from The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, and a Bachelor of Design Studies from The University of Queensland.

Steinlia is a limited company registered in Norway.

Organisation number 919 322 276.

Steinlia is centrally approved by the Norwegian Building Authority in the following areas:

Responsible applicant - grade 2 / Ansvarlig søker - tiltaksklasse 2

Design of architecture - grade 3 / Prosjektering av arkitektur - tiltaksklasse 3