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2018.07, The Garment Factory, Glasgow, Scotland

Selected works from Studio Positions, AHO - Peripheral Tales (workshop organised by Matthew Anderson and Lisbeth Funck).

Curated by Lily Parsons and Samuel Stair (Chez Etym.).

From Chez Etym.:

Chez Etym.: site (n.) was an exhibition and panel discussion in Glasgow, hosted as part of the 2018 Architecture Fringe Open Programme. An endeavour to explore the themes of Chez Etym. in an engaged and direct manner, site (n.) explored the phenomena of place and memory and their intersection with the contemporary urban fabric. This exploration was founded on the principle of the Etymology of Place, born from parallels between the etymology of the word ‘site’ and three distinct facets signified within Chez Etym.’s subjects of concern. These parallels revealed the etymons of place, viewed not only as derivatives but as ‘strata’ which forever build and solidify time: sinere, the Layer of Landscape; situs, the Urban Layer; and si-tu-, the Cultural Layer. These constituents are fundamentally linked and by nature inseparable, however each hold a unique relevancy and set of concerns when considering the places in which we live.

The exhibitors featured were:
Hanne Lillee, Calum Wallis, Giulia Gentili & Alastair Jackson (Scotland);
Holly Gavin & Thom Walker (England);
Studio Positions (Norway);
Paesaggi Migranti / Migrant Landscapes (Italy); and,
Nicholas Brocchi (Australia). 


Chez Etym.

Photographs by Chez Etym., 2018