- SANDBAG SWIMMING POOL 2019/ installation

The swimming pool is part of an ongoing project - this time constructed for the Oceans Apocalypse performance event arranged and hosted by Kirsty Kross and Matthew Anderson.

The sculptural installation is constructed from sandbags and transparent vapour barriers (used to seal building envelopes), and is both a temporary structure and site for the Birthday Cake Performance & Welcome by the Coral Trout, by Kirsty Kross.

The swimming pool seems like a post-disaster structure that could be used in the contexts of flooding or drought, reminding of the perilous state of the environment alongside the growing dominance of humans. The pool's recreational nature and bright blue colour allude to pleasure, albeit occuring alongside environmental decay and the inability to remove humanity's impact in the eco-system as outlined by Anthropocene theorists such as Timothy Morton. 

Constructed and shown at SALT Oslo, Norway.

June 2019.


Kirsty Kross


Photographs by Matthew Anderson