- WG10/ completed project

Oslo, Norway (2017)

With Arkitekturkollektivet

(architects Katherina Putzer, Therese Mælen Hansen and Matthew Anderson)

Rehabilitation of facades and new balconies - classical Oslo apartment building from the second half of the 1800s.

Work to the street and rear facades restores an original material character and performance. The new colour scheme is based on tonality discovered in historical photographs, and revitalises the building's appearence within the street-scape and towards the semi-private rear courtyard.

New balconies to each apartment (deep french balconies at ground floor) increase living qualities for inhabitants by providing access to private outdoor space. Due to the steep local terrain, un-typically high custom built steel balustrades (1,2m) help provide a sense of security on the higher balconies while maintaining 'transparency' to the historic rear facade.