2017.09, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design

Drawing on the text Distant Mandate, by Laszlo Krasznahorkai, a consideration on our position as architects in relation to the history of architecture.

The notion of distant mandate opens a deeper field – of that with which we can work and draw on, and in which we position ourselves.

On one hand, there is what there is to know, about a place for example, or a structure. What it means.

On another there is that which is present, or can be brought forth, and can be understood as something as it is in this time and place.

Distant mandate is not source for reference, representation nor abstraction. It enables an action, it directs or influences.

It makes something able to be something - that is in itself what it is.

Drawn from a deeper field than the immediate and tangible world. It makes something possible.

Conceptual and physical positions in art and architecture:

La Alhambra

Las Meninas, Diego Velázquez

Paper Drop Fused II, Wolfgang Tillmans

Weekend House (Dark Box and Bird Cage), Hiroshi Nakao

The Queensland House / Quay Street House, own work

Etterstadgata 32 / Haughuset / Maridalsveien 63C, Tandberg Arkitekter

La Alhambra

Photographs by Matthew Anderson