Workshop with master's students of architecture from The Oslo School of Architecture and Design and The School of Architecture at Taliesin in context at Taliesin West, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.

Organised by Matthew Anderson and Lisbeth Funck - Studio Positions,

The Oslo School of Architecture and Design.

February 2017.

Ongoing exhibition and writing.

Selected works shown at COMMON/SENSES: ARCHITECTURE FRINGE 2018, CHEZ ETYM.: SITE (N.), Glasgow, Scotland. 

June 2018.

Upcoming publication:

Matthew Anderson, Lisbeth Funck, "Peripheral Tales", in ed. Lily Parsons, Samuel Stair, Chez Etym. (Australasian Students of Architecture Congress – OCCUPY, 2022)

Metal foil, stones.

Work in-situ and photograph by Matthew Anderson